Saturday, July 25, 2015

our trip to arizona.

our trip to arizona was basically perfection.
it was just what i needed.
we spent 8 whole days just playing and relaxing as a family.
i was really sad when it came to an end. like, really sad!
we stayed at my parent's house in gilbert but, since they are currently serving as missionaries in BC, they weren't there.
it would have been so much fun to vacation with them again, but we also felt pretty cool having our own private vacation home and pool!

this is how i would sum up our trip:

1. pool time. and more pool time.
chet did not pass his most recent swim class.
i don't know what happened.. he loved his previous class.
he had just got it in his head that this class was scary, and there was no convincing him otherwise.
i basically had to bribe him to go to every class, and it took all the fun out of it.
it made me sad, especially because i knew our arizona trip was coming up fast and i had planned on the boys spending all day in the pool and he was wrecking my plan.
luckily, things were completely different once we got to arizona.
chet and holden spent every waking moment in the pool.
we could hardly get those boys out of the water!
holden was a crazy kid. no fear!
holden was jumping in on the first day.
chet wasn't ever quite as crazy, but he did get super good at swimming and floating, and we even got him jumping in after a couple days too!
i loved watching them playing in the water all day and being exhausted from all that play come bedtime.
it reminded me of my summers growing up.
in my mind, kids + water + sun = a perfect summer day.
i definitely want to have a pool someday.
my mom says i come by that desire honestly - she grew up with a pool, i grew up with a pool, and, naturally, i want my boys to grow up with one too!

2. having fun keeping cool.
honestly, most of our time was spent in my parent's backyard.
it was so easy to just walk outside and play - no packing up bags of towels and toys and snacks.
and the pool was all the boys really needed.
but we did spend a few days doing other things too.
there are 2 splash pads within walking distance of my parents place, we made our way to those a couple times during the week.
it was a fun way to cool off.
but, by the time we walked the few blocks home, we were always ready to cool off again in the pool!
we also spent one full day at a big waterpark called 'big surf'.
it was matt's idea.
i wasn't sure if our family is at the right age for a waterpark but figured it couldn't hurt to try.
and, turns out, matt was right! we had a lot of fun.
we split into 2 teams for a lot of the day:
team chet & matt and team holden & pam.
chet and matt went off and rode almost every slide in the park that day.
we couldn't get over how brave chet was!
holden and i hung around the kiddie areas and slides.
i would definitely do another waterpark day with our boys next time we are down there.

3. hotness.
one of my very favorite things to do is lay out in the sun.
the hotter, the better!
and, boy oh boy, was it ever hot.
we used oodles of sunscreen and still all came home with wicked tans.
i tried waking up early enough to beat the heat on my morning runs but turns out that is impossible in phoenix in july.
no matter how early i woke up, i was still a sweaty mess by the end of my run.
but i will take that over cold weather any day.
i have been craving the feeling of that hot sun soaking into my skin ever since we got home.

4. eating out.
eating out is always a highlight of our US trips.
we never go anywhere special - we just have some favorites that we can't get up here.
plus, it is sooOo cheap down there.
i swear everytime i looked at a menu i was blown away by how cheap it is to eat out down there!
we got a lot of sonic drinks while we were there.
personally, i think the food at sonic is revolting. but the drinks are my favorite.
one time we stopped for sonic drinks and then took them with us on a walk around the temple.
we also stopped at cafe rio, chik-fil-a, and paradise bakery.
aaand krispy kreme.
 (haha it sounds like a lot of eating out now that i am writing it down. oops.)
i expected our krispy kreme trip to be pretty quick, but we ended up staying and watching donuts fry for a pathetically long time!
the boys found it very fascinating.

5. kid-less time.
once we put the boys down for bed, matt and i always went back outside for one last kid-less swim/hottub of the day.
it almost beats staying in a hotel or resort when you can sneak out to your own private pool!
we didn't get to do any official dates out of the town without our kids, but it seemed like we still got a lot of time to ourselves.
our boys just played so well together this trip. it was adorable!
they are honestly best *BEST* friends.
matt and i are both kind of having baby regrets these days (don't tell the baby!).
but really, why are we having another kid when the ones we have are finally at this perfect stage?!
this next kid better be pretty dang cool ;)

other bits.
- despite the fact that our flight there was disgustingly early, and our flight back was disgustingly late, our boys were amazing little travelers. they are pros at it.
- we went to see the minion movie as a family. i haven't seen despicable me so i didn't really know what a minion was. but, turns out, they don't talk - they just make super annoying sounds. oh my goodness! that movie was painful.
- my plan was to spend a whole bunch of time in target on our trip, but it didn't happen. i have been having serious target withdrawals since target got booted out of canada a few months ago. but, for some reason, we just never had time/need to go there. i only spent about 20 minutes and $10 in a target.. which is actually probably for the best.
- on the first day of our trip, we saw 2 scorpions (one of which matt battled to the death), the biggest spider i have ever seen outside of a pet store, and a praying mantis. it stressed me right out! but, after that, we didn't see anything creepy.
- it only rained on us for a few minutes one night - the rest of the trip was dry. but we did see lots of lightning. there were several nights that we watched crazy lightning storms brewing on the horizon while we sat in the hottub.
- our baby turned 27 weeks old while we vacationing.

perfect form, right?!
A for effort?!
the gilbert temple.
big surf waterpark.
i like how holden's hat is upside down by this point..
my phone had the same problem a few times!
this is me in all my 27 weeks pregnant glory. chet took the picture.
i am so not into pregnant belly photos but figured i should have some documentation. this may very well be all you get!
on our last day, we did a quick nudey photo shoot.
i couldn't resist snapping a photo of those tan lines!
zonked out on the late night plane ride home.

matt and i have always had full intentions of moving back somewhere south in the near future.
this trip made me want it even more.
calgary is nice and all, but i can't stop daydreaming of our future somewhere else. it's bad!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

a complaining post.

i am 26 weeks pregnant, have a cold, raging pink eye, intolerable heartburn (my typical 3rd trimester pregnancy symptom - so gross, right?), i am barely recovering from my lack of sleep from when matt left me for his work conference last week (at 29 years old, i really need to learn how to be alone at night!), and he is leaving me AGAIN tomorrow for a scout camp.
matt is YM president and has spent countless hours planning this camp.
so it seriously drives me nutty that everyone else isn't supporting him like i think they should.
they are absolutely messing with the wrong pregnant girl's husband!

to say i am ready for our arizona trip to be here, is an understatement!
4. more. sleeps.

i can hardly wait for a solid week of *just us*.
i think i might steal matt's phone and hide it away so that work won't have any way of bugging us. shhh!

but, despite the stress i have been feeling, the only pictures i have on my phone from the past week portray my life as anything but stressful!
haha dang it.
so perhaps it is my pregnancy emotions that are making everything seem worse then it is.
because, in all honesty, we have lot of fun this past week too...
minnow catching, bike rides, more lake days, we took the boys to see the stampede fireworks, and so on.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

summer has begun!

summer is the BEST.
and this week has definitely been summery.
we spent wednesday, thursday, friday, aaand saturday playing at a lake.
sometimes it was just me and the boys, sometimes we went with cousins, once we preluded our lake trip with a backyard pool party, once we followed it up with a hotdog roast, and *every time* it was awesome!

matt has been gone on a business trip to chicago since wednesday morning, so it couldn't have been more perfect timing for a gorgeous week to bless us with its' presence.
the hot weather was the perfect distraction for me - the boys were happy all day and totally pooped, come bedtime.

friday was holden's official 3rd birthday.
i debated whether or not i should even tell him (since he had already gotten all the fuss/gifts/cake/etc. at his party last weekend) but i went ahead and told him because *I* wanted to.
we spent 6 solid hours playing at sikome lake that day and grabbed a happy meal on the way home.
he was one very happy birthday boy.

oh my word, being a mom is so much fun (and easy) in the summer.
anyone who disagrees is a nut!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

holden's 3rd party.

{sidenote: i am laying on the couch with my laptop on my belly as i write this post, and our baby is kicking so much he is making the screen wobble around!
sometimes (actually, most of the time) i have a hard time believing we are really going to have another little person in our family.
but right now, when he is doing karate moves on my laptop, it's hard to deny.
16 weeks to go.}

holden has been asking when his birthday party would be since chet has his back in march.
and he has known he has wanted a penguin-themed party since then, too.
to say he has been excited for his birthday this year is an understatement!

his real birthday is tomorrow. june 26.
my mom just sent me a text that said: "3 years ago tonight... i know what you were doing!"
to which i responded: "panicking!"
oh my goodness, we were so not ready for holden to arrive.
but life has been undeniably sweeter since the second he did.
he is such a sweet, handsome, happy boy.
and we LOVE him.

matt is away in chicago this weekend {sidenote #2: i miss him} so we decided to do holden's party last weekend.
we invited all his cousins to the lake for the shindig.
we kept it simple.
i found these super cute penguin beachballs online and ordered them a couple weeks back.
those beachballs were our decorations, our activities, and our treat bags!
(for that, i give myself a pat on the back.)
plus, we combined father's day with holden's birthday, so that meant everyone pitched in with the meal.
(double pat on the back.)
perhaps i should plan all our birthday parties around other important celebrations?

we had a father's day lunch, then hopped straight to opening birthday presents (because holden couldn't wait one more second to do that!), sang happy birthday, dug into holden's donut birthday cake, raced the beachballs down the waterfall, and then down the hill a few times, and then the kids and dads went for a dip in the lake.
it was a perfect little party for our favorite 3 year old on the planet.
holden felt so special and slept like a log that night.

could this possibly be the cutest birthday boy ever?
it was pretty windy during cake time, so i'm pretty sure the candles were never actually lit. but holden still tried to blow them out!
at the start of the waterfall race:
almost at the end:
and racing down the hill:

happy birthday holden!
aka. ho-bear, ho-man, ho-ee, ho-en, ho-bag, ho-bo.

Monday, June 15, 2015


this is waterton.

we ventured down to that adorable town of waterton this weekend.
it is seriously the cutest mountain town i know.
i have been wanting to go back there for years, but it has just never worked out.
luckily, this weekend, it did!
matt's sister, rebecca, was camping 1 night in the waterton townsite and invited us to join.
so we decided, 'what the heck! let's go!'
we booked the campsite right next to theirs, borrowed all sorts of camp gear (because we own none), and headed out first thing saturday morning for a 1 night stay in waterton.
considering we were only there for about 40 hours, we did a ton of fun things!

what we did in waterton:
- played by the lake
- rented a surrey bike
- hiked bear's hump
- ate hotdogs from 'weiners of waterton'
- checked out main street
- sat around the fire and visited
- had our own makeshift church by the lake
- hiked up to bertha falls
- had a picnic by the lake
- and we even saw 2 bears!

matt's other sister, sara, her family, and his parents, were staying not too far from waterton so they met up with us during the days too.

we loved spending the weekend in waterton, even though we woke up to freezing cold temperatures and rain on sunday morning!
(and even though i am so not a camper.)
i would love to some more time down there this summer.

our favorite parts of the trip are:

chet: all of it! it was so fun.
holden: sleeping in a tent.
pam: our hikes. especially the view from the top of bear's hump.
matt: just being in the mountains.
what exactly is going on here?!
waterton is known for having lots of wild animals roaming about.
so we told our boys that we would probably see some cool animals while we were there.. maybe even a bear.
they were very excited at the thought of seeing a bear, and were always on the lookout for one.
but it wasn't until we were heading out of town that we finally spotted a bear. actually, 2 bears!
it couldn't have been a better way to end their weekend.

lake days.

considering we don't even live in a lake neighborhood, we have been spending a whole lot of days at lakes lately.
it sure is nice having friends and family to get us in!
i look forward to mooching our way into a lot of lakes this summer!

chet and holden love playing at the lakes.
and i love watching them.
they get to be total boys - digging in the sand, exploring in the trees, playing in the water.
and they can do that for hours. and HOURS!
and to make it even better, i get to sit in the sun while they do :)

and this is just a cute picture of mr. holden (not at a lake).